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My name is Jacqueline Yong, (though I prefer Jack or Jacky) I am the Graphic Designer of the magazine spreads, brochure and Qapla’ front page. I am currently studying Graphic Design however I like to do paintings and illustrations in my free time.

I particularly like the colour Payne’s Grey ❤


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You can see more of my work and contact me:

Instagram [jackjackthenutty]

Throughout all my layouts and designs for this module, I tried to keep true to the nature of the Klingons and because I had never watched a single episode of star trek in my life this was quite challenging. The Klingons and their culture were very foreign to me, however after my research I noticed that they were a warrior race and that had a very intimidating look and were aggressive and took strength and honor very seriously.

Due to this project I have become somewhat of an expert on Klingon culture and Kronos without ever watching Star Trek

It was a challenge to come up with new, different and creative layouts while still trying to maintain a consistent style throughout the whole magazine and it took me many attempts to realise what design elements I wanted to keep and which ones I didn’t. Once I had established that, many edits had to be made to existing pages so that the entire magazine would look connected and work as a whole.

Overall after this semester, I feel like I have learnt a lot about layouts from sketching them to finalising them. I also know more about the process of printing something: how to arrange pages when printing a booklet and how important trial prints are. This module also made me more aware of the medium my work would be published on and what layout would work best for that.

I also feel like I have a better understanding of design now compared to when this semester had just started. I’m more familiar with the programs I use now and problems and solutions to spacing, size and balance seem easier to spot.

*A trend I’ve noticed while doing these projects is that if the font size looks good on the screen… SHRINK IT… a lot. Because somehow on print, it always looks HUGE.

I’ve also learnt more about myself. My strengths and weaknesses, my thought process and workflow.


(Mostly visuals)

  • Photoshop and photo manipulation
  • Colour
  • Consistency
  • Mood
  • Time Management


  • Typography and choosing fonts
  • Thinking of witty titles
  • Slow (perfectionist? Lack of experience?)
  • Could explore more (Need more time?)
  • Too heavy handed with images (Need to include more information. WORDS)
  • Reluctant to show work (fear?)

I’ve noticed that when I work, sketching out the layouts I have in my head helps to get me started on my project but what helps the most is just having an established direction and playing around with the layout digitally. There were many times when I felt that what I sketched looked good on paper and in my head but when applied digitally on screen in Illustrator or Indesign, it didn’t work for me.

I would have liked to illustrate the visuals for the projects I did (the brochure, newspaper and magazine) however, the pressure from the deadline and workload would have killed me.





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