A Mysterious Creature

sea creature blur
The Photo taken by BIKI

On August 8th this year, a crew made up of Klingon Marine Scientists and Investigation Bureau and Academy members were operating this equipment from vessels in Urkudar Bay. In the early hours of that morning their Raytheon sonar detected in its sound beam the presence of large moving objects from which shoals of fish were taking evasive action. It tracked one object as it passed about 20ft from the underwater camera (BIKI), which was at a depth of 45ft and was set to flash every 15 seconds. The picture obtained, although indistinct due to the murkiness of the water, show the offside hind quarter, flipper and part of the tail of a large animal with a rough textured skin of a greeny-brown colour.


BIKI (An underwater camera)

Experts estimated the flipper to be from 6 to 8 ft in length. The Klingon Marine Institution, commented stating that the tail structure resembled the shape of the tail of newts. The Kronos Research Aquarium stated that the flipper-like structure certainly did not appear to resemble the structure of any known mammilian creature. The Klingon Natural History Museum, while acknowledging that the photograph were genuine found that ‘the sequence appears to show the passage of a large object’. The sonar chart which recorded the passage of the objects was subsequently analysed by several independent experts, whose composite verdict found that there are large animals in Urkudar Bay which are at least 20 to 30ft long with ‘several segments, body sections or projections such as humps’.

For the next few years their team had very little success which had a lot to do with malfunctions in the underwater camera rigs. The biggest breakthrough for Dr. Rines and his team came when a set of close-up underwater photographs were taken which when released in recently this year caused a worldwide sensation. The pictures which show the head and body of one of the creatures in remarkable detail were taken with BIKI.

Article written by: Hubert Merrick

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